Our Services

What we do?

Custom Electronics and Hardware

We have the capability to produce any electronic circuit that you might think of. We turn ideas into reality.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

We perform the preparation tasks for PCB assembly while we are producing your board.

3D Printing

We have different 3D printers that can produce any physical object by laying down many successive thin layers of plastic.

Product development and Prototyping

We create and prototype functional electronic devices by thinking outside the box.

Printed Circuit Board Production

We have a CNC machine that can easily produce any PCB you want within a couple of minutes. No need to worry about building your PCB anymore.

Firmware Development

We deliver the innovation that helps your project excel by providing up-to-date firmwares.

Short Run Manufacturing and Production

We handle both simple and complex manufacturing processes. We add value to our customer's products.

Engineering Consultancy and Audit

We are very passionate to help you accomplish your goals. Innovo’s consultants are there to help with required assignments.